Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

Common Questions

  • What are some warning signs my plumbing may need repairs?
    - Higher than normal water bills - If your household hasn't made any significant changes to your water usage and your bill has increased that could be a sign that there is an issue somewhere.
    - Water Pressure Change - if this has dropped unexpectedly and is not an area-wide issue, this needs to be investigated
    - Water Heater not Reliable
    - Extra Green Grass in a Specific Area - This is a strong indication that there could be a leak in your sewer line. This also usually comes with a strong smell.
    - Stains and Damp Areas on Ceilings and Walls
    - Uneven Water Levels in the Toilet
  • Should I Fix a Leak Myself?
    Know where the main cutoff valve for the water is to your home. If something goes terribly wrong you will at least be able to cut the water off until help arrives.
    You can put individual cutoff valves around your home to isolate some areas. In this way you don't have to turn off the water to the entire home, talk to the office to book in a quote if you would like to look at having cutoff valves installed.
    Ensure that you feel confident in completing any DIY works yourself, prior to starting any works.
    If unsure of any of the above, we would highly recommend that you touch base with the office to discuss further options and solutions.
  • What Payment Methods do you Accept?
    Urlich Plumbing has a range of different Payment Methods Available, Including:
    * Internet Banking
    * Eftpos
    * Visa/Master Card (Note: Additional 3% Surcharges are incurred on this payment type)
    * Q Card (Note: Additional 3% Surcharges are incurred on this payment type)
    * Farmlands Card
    Sorry we no longer Accept Cheques.
  • Do Quotations Cost?
    No, all our quotes (onsite and in-house) are free of charge
  • How do I contact you?
    Phone: 07 855 1391
    Email: [email protected]